Friday, January 31, 2020

Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing Essay Example for Free

Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing Essay Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing are fishing methods used by hobbyist to catch fish. Both types are considered as Angling. Angling is a type of fishing that uses angles or a hook. Anglers are considered as fishers who have intent on releasing their catch in the water. According to Central Fisheries Board of Ireland (2007), the waters were anglers fish have the rule where catch and release rule are enforced. II. Difference of Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing There are several differences that can be seen between both methods. Fly fishing is a method where artificial flies are used and attached to the hook to imitate naturally occurring food. These artificial flies are tied out of materials such as fur and feather. Spin Fishing is a method where a spin fishing tackle is used to catch fish. a. Rods and Fishing Lines Used According to Flyfishingbasics. com (2007), rods that are used for fly-fishing is generally light and the lines are heavy. The lines are heavy because these provide the weight and momentum for casting. On the other hand, (2007) explains that the rod for spin-fishing is used as a lever to fling the weight of the lure. Comparing both methods, the fly fishing method uses the weight of the line to carry the fly to the fish while the spin fishing uses the weight of the lure to pull the line out of the reel. Casting method for flyfishing is harder as compared to spinfishing according to flysa. com (2007). b. Fishing Equipment Fly Fishing uses a fly rod, a reel and a line. The baits that the fly fishing angler uses are artificial flies. These flies depends on the user of the rod. There are different types of flies. These are streamers, dry flies, wet flies and poppers. Streamers are long and skinny and these flies sink and looks like a baitfish. Dry Flies are flies that float. Wet Flies are flies that sink and lastly, poppers are floating flies that are made out of cork. These flies can be bought from the fishing stores or they can be made using fly tying techniques. Fly Tying is considered as another different type of hobby that is used to make artificial flies. Differentiating spin fishing, this method also has a rod and a reel, however, this method uses live lures. The lures that an angler uses depends on the type of fish that the angler wants to catch. Worms and Insect Larva is used to catch bluegill or sunfish. Worms, nightcrawlers, and stinkbaits are used for Catfish. Minnows and worms are for Crappie. Minnows and nightcrawlers are for Bass. Worms, corn and doughballs are for carp and lastly the trouts are catched using worms and minnows. c. Economic Value Evaluating both methods, Fly fishing is a more expensive method than Spin Fishing. According to Flyfishingbasics. com (2007), a fly rod, reel and line combo costs at around $60 to $120 and flies costs at around $1 to $5 per piece. Spin fishing rod and Reel costs at around $10 to $20 and baits costs at around $1 to $3 per dozen and the prepared baits are from $1. 50 to $4. 50 per dozen. As a conclusion, it seems that spin fishing is more practical as compared to the fly-fishing. Since casting is easier to learn for spin fishing and the baits used for spin fishing is much cheaper than the fly-fishing. It is therefore easier to recommend spin fishing for beginners because it is easier to learn. REFERENCES Central Fisheries Board, 2000. Catch and Release for Atlantic Salmon. Retrieved last October 31, 2007 from Central Fisheries Board of Ireland. Website: http://www. cfb. ie/fishing_in_ireland/CatchandRelease. htm Fly Fishing Basics. 2003. Fly Fishing. Retrieved last October 31, 2007. From Fly Fishing Basics. com. Website: http://www. flyfishingbasics. com/casting. html# Fish South Australia. 1996. Spin Fishing. Retrieved last October 31, 2007 From FishSA. com. Website: http://www. fishsa. com/spinfsng. php

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